Noir d'Olive BIO AOP Vallée des Baux

Virgin 100% Organic olive oil



Gold Medal - International Competition Les Olivalies
Gold Medal - Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2018
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Noir d'Olive BIO is produced from 4 varieties of olive native to our own groves organically farmed, they are picked when fully ripe and stored in an oxygen free environment. Then, starts the delicate task of light fermentation to recreate the taste of preserved black olives from our ancestors' stone-wheel mills. Achieving this distinctive taste without the associated drawbacks is a real art!


This vintage will delight enthusiasts of black fruity olive oils. It displays all the positive attributes of the AOP Vallée des Baux's aromatic palette: a subtly fermented note, black tapenade, confit olives, with truffle to finish. Wonderfully mild on the palate.


Noir d'Olive is best used cold in garlic-seasoned salads, for making mayonnaise, and for drizzling on confits, mushrooms, and mashed potatoes.