Les Baumettes

Baumettes olive grove

This grove, near the hamlet of Les Beaumettes (a far cry from the Marseille prison of the same name!), lies on the south-facing slopes of Les Alpilles, not far from the village of Mouriès. It is a magical and timeless place, where for several years the trees grew wild.

We have entirely restructured the grove, restoring the trees to vigorous health; two years later, they had regained their youth and resumed their reproductive role. This grove is now a generous bearer in full production, and has been enlarged by a pretty parcel where we have grafted main branches onto single-trunk trees, which are easier to work with and prune.


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Almond tree marking the plots
Here, as in other groves, there stands a magnificent almond tree with a twisted trunk, which once served to mark the plots. There are no fences or barbed wire here!